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Leaving Cert Hons Irish – Full Set


Get ready to ace your Leaving Cert Hons Irish with our comprehensive Full Set Bundle – to include 18 e-booklets!!

From mastering oral exams to crafting top-notch essays, this bundle has everything you need including an oral exam guide, poetry booklets, essay writing tips, prose insights, and much more – such as reading comprehension guidelines, debate writing strategies, and titles like “Géibheann,” “An Spailpín Fánach,” and “Hurlamaboc + more!

Scroll down for a detailed overview of what’s inside and Add to Cart now and unleash your full potential!


Achieve your best in the Leaving Cert Honours Irish exam with our ultimate Full Set Bundle, priced at just €150.00. This extensive collection includes:

  1. LC Hons Irish Oral Exam Preparation Book: 72 pages covering exam questions, answers, and full translations, plus a guide on preparing for the sraith pictiúrí.

2. How to Write and Structure a Honours Irish Essay and Debate: 97 pages, containing over 100 essays with step-by-step guidance on writing essays and debates, including sample essays, translations, guidelines, and marking schemes.

3. Reading Comprehensions and Grammar for Question 6: 21 pages of guidelines and preparation tips for reading comprehension and Question 6 (a) and (b).

4. Poetry Booklets:

    • Géibheann
    • Mo Ghrá-Sa
    • Colscaradh
    • An Spailpín Fánach
    • An tEarrach Thiar

5. Prose Stories:

      • Cáca Milis
      • Hurlamaboc
      • An Gnáthrud
      • Dís

6. Mini Booklets of Common Essay Titles: Each essay has over 8 subtitles and is over 6 pages. Includes topics like:

        • Téamh Domhanda
        • Géarchéim na tithíochta
        • Cogaí Domhanda
        • An Ghaeilge ar an ardán náisiúnta
        • An Ghaeilge – ár dteanga dhúchais
        • An Intleacht Shaorga

In total, the bundle includes 18 booklets, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for every aspect of the exam.

Average cost per booklet when bought as a set: €8.30.

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