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Leaving Cert Honours French – The Full Set


Leaving Cert French – The Full Set, includes all my available resources bundled together for convenience.

This package has every imaginable resource to help you achieve your best results from essential oral exam preparation, and a comprehensive revision booklet to strategies for diary entries, and tips for writing French opinion pieces.

Scroll down for a detailed overview of what’s inside and start your journey to success!


Prepare thoroughly for your Leaving Cert Honours French exam with our comprehensive Full Set Bundle, priced at just €150.00. This bundle includes:

  1. Leaving Cert French Oral Exam Preparation: A detailed guide covering exam questions, answers, and tips for the oral exam.

2. Document Booklet for the Oral Exam: Specific materials and insights to aid in preparation for the oral exam.

3. Full Revision Booklet for Leaving Cert French: Includes grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension questions.

4. How to Prepare for the Diary Entry Question: Step-by-step guidance on tackling the diary entry question.

5. How to Write French Opinion Pieces: Includes strategies for writing opinion pieces, including the compulsory question.

6. Sets of Common Themed Essay Booklets: Includes essays on various themes such as:

    • La pollution numérique
    • L’intelligence Artificielle et ChatGPT
    • Les langues étrangères
    • La réussite scolaire
    • L’éducation nationale
    • Les crises en Europe
    • Les SDF et la pauvreté
    • Le changement climatique
    • La Jeunesse en Crise
    • La crise humanitaire en Europe et dans le monde
    • Le Harcèlement et les réseaux sociaux
    • Les manifestations et le droit de manifester

Each essay booklet contains a minimum of 6 adaptable titles and ranges from 4 to 8 pages. Equip yourself with this comprehensive resource and excel in your Leaving Cert Honours French exam!

Average cost per booklet when bought as a set: €8.33.

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